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NIKE wants its products to bring victory to athletes, so its famous SWOOSH logo (that hook) is inspired by the goddess of victory. Victory girls are one of the three treasures of the Louvre in Paris. On a ladder-like half-floor platform, I believe everyone has seen that sculpture that has already had its head and left wings broken. In the certificate of many signature sportsman´s shoes of NIKE, many of the flowers on the certificate are photos of the sculpture of the goddess of victory. The print of that sculpture can now be seen in a series of products on the shelves of NIKE360.

     In 1971, because the goddess of victory named Nike had a pair of dancing wings, student Caroline. Davidson designed the first Swoosh logo, which is also an abstract expression of sports shoes.
     In 1978, Nike´s Swoosh logo was changed from framed to solid, appearing below the standard word and becoming more eye-catching.
     In 1985, signs were combined in squares to form positive and negative effects.
     Today, the Swoosh logo is used on its own as needed.

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